Friday, October 7, 2011

Hello readers!
It's been a while since I have updated. I apologize. I have been very busy with work and fair and festival going. Autumn is my favorite time of year. What is there not to love? The changing of leaves with color combinations that don't exist in the fanciest of crayon boxes. The smell of cold air, dried leaves, and apples. The food is the best and most comforting this time of year. Pumpkin flavored everything, cider, caramel covered apples, fried dough, and pie. The layering of clothes and the first appearance of coats. The burnt oranges and forest greens. Plaids and oxfords layered under cardigans and wool hats. Tights, knee highs, and penny loafer heels. Fairs and Festivals. My favorites this year thus far are King Richard's Faire and The Big E, both of which I shared with some amazing friends. I will post pictures later to share with you.
Today, I spent the day with my friend Kate.
Before she got to my house, I played outside with my favorite neighborhood cat, which I have named Goldie. She's one of the best outdoors cat and is super cuddly. She turns even more golden when Autumn hits. She was even more cuddly today. Maybe it's the cold weather. I've been feeling it too. All I want to do is cuddle.
As for the day with Kate, we were on a mission to do a little vintage shopping and get some lat lunch. I found two beautiful bags, a pin, a pair of earring, and two button up shirts. I had a really rough day yesterday and I'm a little more gluttonous when I've had a bad day! We ended the day with my favorite hot drink, steamed milk and honey.

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