Thursday, May 10, 2012

Swap #2

Some of my favorite fashionistas at my second swap ever. Emily, left, and I got there a little late, so we didn't scoreanything, but it was so great to meet up with other bloggers and see what they scored and catch up on the local gossip. These ladies are delightful. Check out Amy's blog.

A Trip to the Zoo.

Ashley and I were having a bad day. We were trying to make it to the city, but the 93 traffic was stand still. Ashley had run a little late because she was busy making beautiful custom corsets. On our way into Boston to make it to the SOWA markets, we realized we wouldn't make it on time. Lucky for us, the Stone Zoo in Stoneham was on our way. For the first time, I got to go to the Birds of Prey show. I have missed the show every time I have gone. One of my favorite animals, the owl, is indeed of bird of prey. I figured I might get lucky and catch one at the show. Even though it was a hot day, the animals were out to play, especially the wolves. The actually had a lot more fur than usual this time. They kept rolling around the dirt and guarding their forest territory. I just wanted to jump the fence to pet, cuddle, and ride them, but I don't think that would have been the best idea. I opted to watch them behind the glass and fences provided. The also have beautiful plant life at the zoo like the fern above.

Dress: Marshall's
Belt: Jcrew
Hat: Urban Outfitters
Bracelet and purse: Thrifted

Ashley and I with a bald eagle.

Donating money to the zoo. That bird took my money and put it in the donation box.

I got to see my favorite bird of prey, a white barn owl. they fed all the birds of prey little bits of fleshy animals when they flew from post to post. The owl was so magical. The billy goats were also roaming around on their cliffs. Sometimes, you can see the goats from the road.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This is Halloween

Halloween was fantastic. My costume was put together last minute. The dress is a vintage piece I found at the antique market. Goldie loves Halloween just as much as I do. She helped greet trick or treaters as they came to the door. There were so many children this year!! My friend who lives in Salem helped me find parking and I got to hang with him and one of my favorite pups ever. I met up with Olivia and Jerm and some of our friends. A few people in our group were the vampires from 30 Days of Night. They really were fantastic vampires. I listened to creepy organ music and metal on the way home. It’s also Jr and Kat’s second anniversary. Happy anniversary!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Hello readers!
It's been a while since I have updated. I apologize. I have been very busy with work and fair and festival going. Autumn is my favorite time of year. What is there not to love? The changing of leaves with color combinations that don't exist in the fanciest of crayon boxes. The smell of cold air, dried leaves, and apples. The food is the best and most comforting this time of year. Pumpkin flavored everything, cider, caramel covered apples, fried dough, and pie. The layering of clothes and the first appearance of coats. The burnt oranges and forest greens. Plaids and oxfords layered under cardigans and wool hats. Tights, knee highs, and penny loafer heels. Fairs and Festivals. My favorites this year thus far are King Richard's Faire and The Big E, both of which I shared with some amazing friends. I will post pictures later to share with you.
Today, I spent the day with my friend Kate.
Before she got to my house, I played outside with my favorite neighborhood cat, which I have named Goldie. She's one of the best outdoors cat and is super cuddly. She turns even more golden when Autumn hits. She was even more cuddly today. Maybe it's the cold weather. I've been feeling it too. All I want to do is cuddle.
As for the day with Kate, we were on a mission to do a little vintage shopping and get some lat lunch. I found two beautiful bags, a pin, a pair of earring, and two button up shirts. I had a really rough day yesterday and I'm a little more gluttonous when I've had a bad day! We ended the day with my favorite hot drink, steamed milk and honey.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Forever Young Fashion Show.

Ashley and I drove took a little road trip to Connecticut to help her friend Rachel with her fashion show titled Forever Young. We helped decorate and help with the backstage set up. I had never been to a fashion show before, so Ashley led the way. Rachel's fashions are made from recycled substances, whether it be straws, trash bags, or vintage garments found at Salvation Army and consignment shops. It was only fitting that the fashion show took place at the Trash Museum in Connecticut. The Trash Museum is not only a recycling center, but also an interactive museum that teaches kids how to recycle and how to create compost piles. I of course loved it. They also had a tunnel of trash which Ashley and I took a picture under.

The Forever Young bulletin board of the entire collection. The picture to the right is the first collection of the fashion show made completely of household plastics!
Me trying on one of the recycled hat made at the Trash Museum.
We are whimsical.
Ashley Rose's booth at the Forever Young Fashion show. Selling her beautifully home made corsets! Ashley will be showcasing her corsets in a grand fashion show at Guilt night club in Boston on August 11th. I can't wait!

Ashley and I under the trash tunnel, holding hands.

Monday, July 4, 2011

All dressed up to play in the dirt.

Welcome the newest addition to my humble abode. He flowers in Autumn and his spikes change colors throughout the summer. Oh how I look forward to Autumn colors.