Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pixie Boots

I'm always on the quest to find knee high boots that fit me properly. Being petite means having shorter legs, which means tall boots that fit the average height woman are much too tall for me and my other fellow short women. The only shorter boots that I have come across that have been shorter that the usual 15 inch shaft are vintage.

I have just recently purchased these from Etsy shop GrannysBootery and I am so excited to see how they work out for me. The owner of the shop really helped me out with all my questions. Never hold back when wanting to find out about a product you want to purchase Wish me luck. I'll post pictures when I finally get them in.


  1. great boots! it's nice knowing black boots can never go out of style


  2. so nice meeting you as well! there is a swap on Thursday, check out the tickets here:

    awesome boots also!

  3. great picture :) love you blog

    you have a new follower.....visit my blog and be my follower if you want

  4. i loved your lookbook :D and your blog so i am your proud 11th follower :D